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Rozata Dessert from Dubrovnik Region

Rozata or creme caramel is traditional sweet from Dubrovnik. According to some sources it dates from fourteenth century but still is very often on Dubrovnik tables.

Rozata – Traditional Sweet from Dubrovnik Region

Traditionally it is made of eggs and sugar and special liqueur rozulin (made of rose flowers) which gives special flavour to this dish. During the visit of American president George W Bush who was in Croatia in 2008 rozata was served as dessert after the meal. Sometimes it is served with fruits as on the featured picture.

Sporki makaruli (dirty macaroni) is traditionally served on St Blaise festivity.

Sporki makaruli (Dirty macaroni) - Traditionally served on St Blaises festivity

This is traditional dish from Dubrovnik served on this important day.The dish is very simple and women usually prepare it night before festivity in order to be ready to go to the st Blaise procession that is held on this day.The dish is made of special kind of pasta named makaruli(macaroni) and chopped beef meat prepared with onions, tomato sauce and spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

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