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Cool Facts from the Dubrovnik History

Dubrovnik Old Town beauty

A few interesting facts from rich Dubrovnik history

  • English King Richard the Lionheart came to Dubrovnik in the 1192 and found shelter on the Island of Lokrum in front of the walls of the Old Town Dubrovnik
  • One of the first European sewage systems was built in Dubrovnik
  • Old pharmacy which was founded 1317 is one of the oldest in Europe.
  • First quarantine in the world was founded in Dubrovnik 1377.
  • Dubrovnik was first in Europe to prohibit slavery in 15th century.
  • Dubrovnik fleet of around 200 big ships was among the biggest in 16th century.
  • English word argosy which was used for naming big ships in the past comes from the word Ragusa (old name of the Dubrovnik republic)
  • Dubrovnik Republic was the first state in the world that recognized USA in 18th century.

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